Salt vs. Fresh Water Bouyancy

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Salt vs. Fresh Water Bouyancy

Postby davefollmers » 2018-03-31 13:53


After an extended summer of swimming in the ocean here at the Jersey Shore, a cold rainy day forced me back to the indoor pool today.
I had been finding great enjoyment working on my stroke in the salt water during the summer, having made good progress with relaxed head, stretched legs, 2-beat kick, torso twist, foot flick, etc., even to the point of swimming through some strong surf quite calmly while concentrating on my stroke in my little "cocoon of calm."All that seemed to go out the window during my first pool swim today, after nearly four months of open water swimming.

I found myself struggling for air, working too hard on every stroke, and felt like a lot of my progress of the past 3 months had disappeared. Could the difference in bouyancy between salt and fresh water be enough that I was finding myself lower in the water than I expected to be when it was time to grab some air during each stroke - thus creating angst, disrupting my balance and causing me to revert to my old lifetime habits of lifting my head and body to get air, thus destroying my stroke altogether?Any solid information out there as to just how much higher in the water a body floats in salt vs. fresh water?

Please help

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