Queen's Park concerned over Hampden Park's future after Scot

Queen's Park concerned over Hampden Park's future after Scot

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Hampden SBOBET Park has been home to Queens Park FC since 1873
Queen's Park Football Club say they are concerned about the future of Hampden Park after the Scottish FA admitted they were considering leaving the national stadium.

SFA chief Stewart Regan said earlier this month that they are "exploring the plusses and minuses" of moving both their offices and national team games away from the Glasgow ground because it could cost "many millions of pounds" to stay.

Scottish League One side Queen's Park, who have played their football SBOBET there since 1873 and own the ground, say they have seen no evidence to substantiate this claim and have refuted reports that they charge the SFA £800,000 per year for the lease.

Suggesting they could not afford to operate the stadium on their own, Queen's Park believe "the decision to remain or leave cannot be based purely on cost" and that both the city and Scotland "could be greatly affected" by the stadium's loss.

A statement read: "Whilst Mr Regan has stated it would take many many millions of pounds to remain at Hampden, he has not clarified how much it would cost the Scottish FA to leave Hampden.

"For the past 17 years the stadium has been successfully operated by Hampden Park Ltd; a wholly owned subsidiary of the Scottish FA with many areas of revenue generation including sponsors, naming rights, third party rentals and concert


Hampden Park is home to the Scottish SBOBET Cup and League Cup finals
"The present lease arrangements allow the Scottish FA to work independently with a vast degree of flexibility. Queen's Park would further like to clarify that recent reports of rental of £800K per annum being paid to Queen's Park are incorrect.

"Under the present lease agreement, a confidentiality clause prohibits us from making public the rental amount. However, we can say it is much, much less the £800K per annum paid directly to Queen's Park.

"The vast proportion of the rental is retained by the Scottish FA to maintain the stadium."

Scotland have played their matches at Hampden since 1878 and the stadium retains the European record for an international match of 149,547 against England in 1937. The Scottish FA's current lease expires in 2020.SBOBET
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