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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a rapidly growing trend in organisations of all sizes as employees Wil Myers Jersey , who might not be eligible for a company-owned mobile device, want the ease-of-use and familiarity of their own smartphones and tablets for work. The latest mobile devices can improve an employee's productivity by offering access to corporate data whilst travelling or at home and also have the potential to improve creativity and innovation. Add to that the opportunity to cut operating costs within an organisation and it's not surprising that the trend is growing.

But are there any downsides to BYOD?

Recent survey results have suggested that employees have willingly signed up to a bring your own device policy without being fully aware of the implications with respect to the privacy of their personal data on their mobile devices. This is not necessarily a failing in the wording of BYOD agreements but could be due to employees giving the agreement only a cursory glance before signing in their eagerness to gain the work access on their mobile device that they want.

Mobile device management has tended to concentrate on the importance of protecting confidential corporate data accessible remotely from a mobile device. An MDM solution is expected to have remote data wipe facilities so that sensitive information can be removed from a lost or stolen device. But in their concern to protect corporate data have the privacy needs of the employee been forgotten?

Some MDM solutions do not offer the capability to segment data on a mobile device so cannot distinguish personal from corporate data. In the case of a remote data wipe being necessary Rollie Fingers Jersey , both the corporate and the employee's personal data could be wiped. When you consider that the device is owned by the employee then this is not a trivial matter.

But perhaps more worrying than the possibility of losing personal data (after all that would only be in the case of a lost or stolen device when the data would be gone anyway if it wasn't backed up) is the fact that employers can also view which personal application are installed, track the device and monitor internet access outside of working hours.

The vast majority of people would consider this an invasion of their privacy and would not willingly choose to allow their employer to see what they are doing on their device in their own time or Dave Winfield Jersey , indeed, where they are located. But this concern is at odds with the increasing desire for employees to use their mobile devices to access corporate information Tony Gwynn Jersey , even if it is simply emails and contacts.

Clearly employees need to be educated on the security concerns of the corporation so that they fully understand the principles of any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) agreement that they sign up to. It would then be the informed decision of the employee to accept the terms of the written BYOD agreement, if that is what they chose to do San Diego Padres Jersey , Of course, the wording of the BYOD policy would have to be clear and unambiguous – this would not be the sole responsibility of the IT department but would also include input from both the HR and Legal departments.

Certainly such an agreement can be viewed from two perspectives – the ability of an employer to track an employee's location might be seen as an invasion of privacy but Jung-ho Kang Jersey , on the other hand, if a mobile device is stolen it may help in recovering it if it's location can be accurately determined. So there is some benefit to this aspect of a BYOD policy.

It is less easy to suggest a benefit regarding the questions of wiping personal data such as photos Starling Marte Jersey , contacts and emails, or monitoring internet access so the key to a successful BYOD policy has to be an appreciation from both the employer's and employee's perspective of the advantages and disadvantages of the particular features in the mobile device management solution used in an organisation. The Sap Fiori Certification is an associate level exam that focuses on Fiori administration Josh Harrison Jersey , implementation and configuration. The code of this exam is C_SAPXIMP_20. There are lots of changes happening and it is important to attend Sap Fiori Training to pass the exam. Yes, to a certain extent training is essential. It may not be a perquisite but is certainly helpful.

Brief topics to prepare

The Sap Fiori Training topics deal with 12 major topics desgined to make an associate level holder. When you will prepare for the exam try to consider wave 5 in mind (unless a new wave has already come in its place). You will have to be familiar with the following to get the Sap Fiori Certification:

• SAP Fiori Configuration
• SAP Fiori Architecture
• Workflow & Dataflow
• Sap Fiori Launchpad Configuration
• Sap Fiori Installation
• Theme Designer
• OData Extensibility
• UI extensibility
• SAP Fiori Search Configuration
• SAP HANA (Analytics App)
• SAP Fiori Security
There are 80 questions to be attempted in 180 minutes. Some students may feel that more time is required but then it is a challenge even if the time limit is stretched. Your preparedness is important and confidence to pass after training counts a lot. The questions come in three parts.

1. Multiple choice- one answer is right (radio button)
2. Multiple choice-more than one answer (check with the box type)
(all correct answers have to be answered and marked)
3. A new question-maybe on a screen shot to be answered

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