There are strong reasons why a good number of body

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There are strong reasons why a good number of body

Postby jinpanlin520 » 2019-01-19 02:33

I’ve been an insurance agent for the past 13 years for one the top property and casualty providers in the country. And one of the mostvaluable concepts I’vegathered is “residual income”. I get paid every time my customer’s policy renewed. I only had to sell the policy once and I would get paid year after year for as long as my customer stayed in my agency. Thesecret was to get as many policies from one household as possible. And to get as many households as possible. Then there was “passive income” Houston Astros Youth Jersey , the income my boss made off of my efforts and the efforts of all the agents under him, 60 agents approximately. To tell the truth not all managers made as much as he did, but 6 figures a month does get your attention. His job was to find new agents, which involved marketing Kansas City Royals Youth Jersey , training and licensing. He need a team to do this. If you’re wondering, “how do I get his job?” forget it. You don’t walk in off the street and just inherit a territory just like that without paying some dues and knowing some people.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered if there was a way to merge myunderstanding of passive income and residual income with some type of online business. I had made multiple unsuccessful forays into network marketing prior to my insurance business but I also had zero knowledge of how to use the internet to help me grow my businesses. I knew it had to be out there. I remembered the past horrors of stalking friends and family until they no longer wanted to be friends and family. I knew that the traditional ways of networking was a very painful process and with very little assurance of success. I always wondered, “what was the secret?” “What am I missing?” And if I could find it Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Youth Jersey , “how long would it take and how much would it cost?”

Then it happened. The economy took a turn for the worse. Home sales dropped, auto sales plummeted. My business was in jeopardy and on top of that my company wanted to trim their agency force. And I was in their cross-hairs! I knew I wasn’t the only one hurting and in trouble. I knew hundreds of thousands if not millions of people were probably turning to the internet to find a way to make it possible to survive, keep the car(s), make rent or mortgage payment Los Angeles Dodgers Youth Jersey , feed the kids. I knew we all needed a life-line, a plan-B, but what would it be and how would we find it? How would we sort through all the confusion?

Then my mortgage broker from 6 years prior called. He wanted me to see an opportunity. He had lost his billion dollar, that’s right Miami Marlins Youth Jersey , billion dollar mortgage company in the downturn. And now he had something I just had to see to believe. Despite needing a new opportunity, I tried to steer clear since I could smell it a mile away. You know (MLM!). I guess I avoided his calls for about a month and then, curiosity killed the cat, I just had to see what the heck it was. I went to the Saturday morning hotel meeting an hour away. Listened to an one hour presentation and damn it Milwaukee Brewers Youth Jersey , I wanted to try it all again! It just seemed to be the perfect complement to my existing business. Activation fee minimal, services vast and with all the leaders in the industry.

And here’s the kicker, I don’t need to create need! No overpriced consumable! No convincing people that they need this product, then pushing them to buy it over and over again. Not forcing them to save money by buying gold or silver month after month. Or a policy to protect them from legal issues that are probably excluded anyway. Just services we all use right now and some services we know we’ll need in the future.

What I identified was with this new company I could get paid on all my customer’s telecommunications and energy bills. I thought Minnesota Twins Youth Jersey , ‘where the hell have I been?’ I realized if the average customer added up how much they spent on: phonelocal & long-distance, high-speed internet, satellite tv, mobile phone(s) New York Mets Youth Jersey , home security, gas and electricity, many would say they’re close to if not over a $1000.00month. I could earn up to 10% every month or about $100month, every month on just one customer! And I’ve had thousands of customers! Then I realized New York Yankees Youth Jersey , ‘Who better to turn on these customers just when they need these services than me?’ An insurance agent is gaining most of hisher new customers just when they are moving into a new home. And they need to sign up for most all these services.

How hard would it have been to let my customers know, ‘by the way I can also help you with these other services, feel free to visit my website or call me or my assistant to help you set it up.’ The great thing is I can do this for residential customers and commercial customers.

But getting back to going online. I mentioned the downturn right? I wasn’t getting the number of new clients I needed to justify the new business and I wasn’t about to harass all my friends and family again! I needed something to help me get leads online, something that would be duplicatable.
Enter: My Lead System Pro. In researching my network company I came across MLSP. What’s known as an AffiliateAttraction Marketing Funnel System all rolled into one. Needless to say Oakland Athletics Youth Jersey , I was blown away!

Just watching all the free training videos I soon realized a world that I had not seen until now. This was a world where people market and brand themselves as online marketing experts selling training and tools to help you and your downline with your online business and in addition to helping you to market your MLM. An all in one marketing funnel or tool. The cost so little, the concepts so transformational. It will refashion how you see the internet once you understand what the competition is doing to get customers on a global scale.

I realized that if I were to stand any chance of succeed

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