Corydoras missing head!!

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Corydoras missing head!!

Postby Linlou » 2007-12-05 20:46

Hi all! My boyfriend has a corydora who has a wound on the back of its head. It looks like part of its head/neck is missing, like something has eaten away at it. It looks like a hole, and that it is flaking away. It doesn't seem to be wgetting any worse now, What could this be?
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Postby Indigo Blue Fish » 2007-12-05 22:05

Ok, welcome back Lou, I'm still on MSN by the way. Interesting - I assume you've already quarantined it?

Is there anything that could have attacked it, or could it have caught on something?

You may want to use some antibac, as it might be an ulcer gone out... Pics?
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Postby KittyKat » 2007-12-06 21:44

More then likely ulcer or HITH (hole in the head) - please google for images and see if it is one of those. Until we can determine exactly what it is, I would recommend isolation and a mild antibacterial med - half dose should be enough to stop it catching anything more as a full dose might come as a bit of a shock.
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Re: Corydoras missing head!!

Postby Mike@AmazonAquatics » 2008-01-09 21:12

Poor little Cory! I take it from your description the ulcer is quite a big one?

It's hard to say what it is exactly without seeing it (and even then diagnosis is hard in cases like this), but a few ideas for you:

1. A bite, check there isn't anything in the tank that could/would do this, Corys are sneaky little egg thieves and I have seen broody Cichlids really thrash them around and hound them in an effort to stop them getting at the eggs they are guarding. I once saw a tank full of eyeless (and one eyed) Corys in a shop tank where there was a brooding pair of Kribs (the other Kribs were all dark and packed in a corner too!). Sadly the shop owner didn't care :( As others have suggested Antibacterial seems best option.

2. An injury such as a burn (heater) or a cut (Corys have razor sharp spines like most catfish and often injure each other accidentally, also don't rule out any sharp decor, Corys are clumsy little fish and always bumping into things). Such injuries can become infected and ulcerate. Dirty gravel can also cause wounds to ulcerate in catfish (because they spend so long sat on it!). As others have suggested Antibacterial seems best option.

3. Hexamita a.k.a. Hole In The Head (HITH) disease, very nasty disease caused by a tiny parasite, tends to infect certain Cichlids (Discus, Angels, Mbuna) much more often than other fish, I've never seen it in Corys and suspect it isn't this, but worth checking for. Clean, nitrate free water helps a lot, so water changes very good idea. Usually the first symptom of this is lots of tiny 'pin holes' in the top and sides of 'face', as it develops they grow and merge and start to ooze... nice! I'd try the Antibacterial first personally, but if you do decide it's HITH a very good treatment is eSHa Hexamita.

4. Fish TB. Hopefully not! This one is incurable and is a zoonose transmittable to humans (wash your hands after having them in the tank - it's not fatal to humans BTW just gives a nasty rash - I've had it and been cured with antibotics, but not many human doctors know what it is, so if you get it you'll need to explain to them!!!). The only answer is sadly euthanasia (or complete isolation until death - which is probably crueller in the long run) and it's important to remove them before the fish dies as even slight cannibalism can infect other fish. Again this seems unlikely to be your problem, the ulcers aren't usually the first sign, and fish with this generally look extremely 'off colour' first, red rimmed ulcers/lumps are the definitive symptom and by the time they appear death is not usually far away. It seems to be getting more common unfortunately particularly in poorly kept fish, I've seen tanks full of fish with this in 'Pets at Home' type shops - never, ever buy a fish from a tank with even one fish looking like this!

Hopefully it's just a physical injury and removing the cause will prevent it happening again, whilst treating with an antibacterial will help it to heal (in the old days they used a small dose of table salt in the water), after the anitbacterial a tonic would also help (lots of water changes and a good diet are just as good). Fish can, and do, heal remarkably well from even massive physical injuries so the prognosis is good :)
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Re: Corydoras missing head!!

Postby Mike@AmazonAquatics » 2008-01-09 21:14

Nice Keyhole Kat!
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Re: Corydoras missing head!!

Postby valemont » 2018-09-06 20:46

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