Should disallowed Dominic Solanke's goal have stood for Live

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Should disallowed Dominic Solanke's goal have stood for Live

Postby thanloeuth » 2017-12-14 05:34


Should the disallowed Dominic Solanke's goal have stood for Liverpool?
Dominic Solanke's late goal was ruled out for handball as Liverpool were left frustrated again in their goalless draw with West Brom.

After Everton's late leveller in the Merseyside derby on Super Sunday, coming with a similarly controversial penalty decision, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp again had reason to be angry at Anfield.sbobet

Solanke looked to have bundled home a winner on 82 minutes with a slight touch off his hand from close range after Joe Gomez's cross.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp accepted the result despite the late decision
He wheeled away in celebration with his Liverpool team-mates, and though referee Paul Tierney had initially given the goal, he was overruled by his assistant, who deemed Solanke to have handled intentionally.

Klopp said after the game to Sky Sports: "If the arm is then involved, I don't know but there were two deflections. If this was in the other box a penalty, there would still be discussions because it is twice deflected, and for sure not on purpose.

"It was not on purpose. So if there was a handball it just happened, and so obviously the linesman or whoever thought he saw it 100 per cent.

"And look, there will be a lot of points on the one side saying sbobet it was the right decision, and some on the other side, and we will not get it back, so for sure we cannot change it."
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