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The UEFA Champions League is UEFA's most prestigious club competition. It was originally created as the European Champion Clubs' Cup for the 195556 season. In 1992 its format was changed and was renamed as UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid CF and AC Milan have been the most successful sides in the UEFA Champions League Demetri Mitchell Manchester United Jersey , winning the competition three times.

Who is takings part?

The UEFA Champions League is open to each national association's domestic champions, as well as clubs who finish just behind them in their respective domestic championship. The number of clubs that can be entered by an association and their entry point in the competition depends on the association's position in UEFA's coefficient ranking list.

What is the competition format?

Currently UEFA Champions League comprises of three qualifying rounds, a group stage, and four knockout rounds. After the three qualifying rounds, 16 teams goes to the group stage and joins the 16 teams that automatically qualified for the group stage. These 32 teams are split in to 8 groups and the first and the second from each group advance to the first knockout round. After three knockout rounds (round of 16 David de Gea Manchester United Jersey , quarter finals and semi finals) the two top teams fight each other to become the champion of champions.

Road to UEFA Champions League Final Moscow 2008

After playing some very exciting and entertaining football matches, following 8 teams have advanced to the quarterfinals of this year's competition.

1. AS Roma
2. Manchester United
3. FC Schalke 04
4. FC Barcelona
5. ***
6. Liverpool FC
7. Fenerbahce
8. Chelsea

Quarterfinals schedule

01.04.2008 - Quarterfinals (first leg)
AS Roma vs. Manchester United
FC Schalke 04 vs. FC Barcelona

02.04.2008 - Quarterfinals (first leg)
*** vs. Liverpool FC
Fenerbahce vs. Chelsea

08.04.2008 - Quarterfinals (second leg)
Chelsea vs. Fenerbahce
Liverpool FC vs. ***

09.04.2008 - Quarterfinals (second leg)
FC Barcelona vs. FC Schalke 04
Manchester United vs. ***


Winners of the quarterfinals will advance to the semi-finals. The first leg of the semi-final matches will be played on 22nd and 23rd April 2008. And the second leg matches will be played on 29th and 30th April 2008.

The Finals

Unlike the other champions league matches where the teams play two matches against each other on a home and away basis, the final will be decided by a single match. This year's final will be played on 21st May 2008 in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

Watch the matches live

All the champions league matches are sure to be sold out. The fans that get to get a ticket will go to the stadium to support their teams. Other must have a sport channel subscription if they want to watch the matches live since champions league matches are very rarely aired to the general public.

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