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CHICAGO Nike Air Max 270 Scontate , Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Films from Argentina, Poland, Senegal, Iran, Colombia Nike Air Max 360 Scontate , Spain and other countries took home most of the top honors at the award ceremony of the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF) held here on Friday.

Argentinean director Diego Lerman's "A sort of Family" won the top prize, the Gold Hugo, in the International Feature Film Competition. The movie had its U.S. premiere in Chicago. It tells the story of a doctor's desperate journey to adopt a baby girl.

The film "draws attention to systemic abuses of women, especially poor women that transpire all over our world," said the jury.

Joanna Kos-Krause and co-director Krzysztof Krauze from Poland received the Silver Hugo for Best Director for "Birds are Singing in Kigali."

The film presents the story of a Polish ornithologist who saved a colleague's daughter from the Rwandan genocide and brought her back to Europe to build a new life Nike Air Max 97 Scontate , only to realize that Africa is the place where they could come to terms with the tragedies they went through.

"Felicite," a joint production of Senegal, France and Belgium directed by Alain Gomis, received the Silver Hugo Special Jury Prize. The movie "transports its audience to a vividly evoked community in Kinshasa without indulging the stereotypes by which Africa is often depicted on screen," the jury stated.

Iranian director Vahid Jalilvand took home top honors in the New Directors Competition with a Gold Hugo for "No Date Nike Air Max 96 Scontate ," "No Signature," and the Silver Hugo went to Milad Alami for "The Charmer" from Denmark.

The Roger Ebert Award, presented to emerging filmmaker with a fresh and uncompromising vision, was awarded to Colombian director Laura Mora for "Killing Jesus."

"We are proud to honor such a diverse group of films, shining a spotlight on the extraordinary work being created by men and women throughout the world Nike Air Max 95 Scontate ," said Festival Artistic Director Mimi Plauche.

Lisa Nesselson, a film critic for TV France 24 in Paris, echoed the same sentiment, saying that she started attending CIFF when she was 15 and is thrilled today that CIFF continues to "brings many international films to Chicago."

Michael Kutza, founder and CEO of the festival Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Donne Scontate , presented The Founder' s Award to Guillermo Del Toro's "The Shape of Water," which will be shown at the closing night on Oct. 26.

The craze lately is all about HIIT cardio: High Intensity Interval Training. I prefer to do LISS cardio for fat burning This type of cardio is a lower intensity.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to do LISS cardio. The answer is simple! To preserve that lean muscle tissue you have worked so hard to create This type of cardio causes the body to use fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates

Not that there is anything wrong with HIIT. In fact I use it quite frequently. But the difference between my HIIT sessions and most that I see now is mine are very short. My HIIT session protocol is 15 minutes total: 15 second sprint and 45 second recovery. So in essence my heart rate is only high for a total of 3 minutes. The sessions that are extremely long, fourty (40) plus minutes long that can be catabolic in nature. HIIT training requires proper nutrition! If you do not eat before and immediately after that type of training you risk losing lean muscle tissue. That is not the best cardio for fat burning.
In my opinion, without complicating matters, LISS is the best cardio for fat burning.

The highermore intense the aerobic activity means more energy is being used from the FIRST available energy source: glycogen (aka carbohydrates!) If the calories you are burning are from primarily carbs Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Uomo Scontate , it will be at the expense of the lean muscle tissue on our bodies. Glycogen stores will become lower and the muscles will be smaller versions. If exercise continues and glycogen stores are depleted our bodies will use the next available energy source which is protein — the muscles in our body!

Basically our muscles are the gas tank of a car. You can look at a car and not be able to tell if the car has a full tank of gas or is on empty. In humans, especially lean muscular bodies, you can easily tell if our tanks are on empty or full – simply by looking at the muscles. Big, round, full looking muscles have glycogen where flat look muscles are depleted.

It is very important to keep your heart rate between 65% and 75% of your max heart rate. Also important to keep your session at an hour or shorter. You can do more than one session in a day but do not do them back to back. I personally like mine first thing in the AM before eating anything and immediately after working out (once again before eating anything post workout)There are two times in a day I’ll do LISS cardio for fat burning: first thing in the morning after waking (without eating) and immediately after an intense weight training session. The reason behind “fasting” prior to LISS cardio is because the fat burning processes in our body are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. The SNS comes into play when there is physical activity and a lack of fuel (food). The combination of fasting and exercising maximizes the impact of cellular factors and catalysts (cyclic AMP and AMP Kinases) Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Verde Scontate , which force the breakdown of fat and glycogen for energy. So, exercising on an empty stomach (provided the intensity is low), will force your body to use fat for fuel — fat burning! Simply put, if we understand how the body uses energy we can the optimize our cardio for the best fat burning possible.

I have already stumbled on one of the reasons why LISS should be done this way – energy sources! Our body has, in laymen terms Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Rosse Scontate , 3 energy sources: carbs, fat and protein. The preferred order of energy sources by our body is: carbs, fat and finally protein. Keep in mind, the . Cheap Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Online Cheap Womens NCAA Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap NHL Hoodies Free Shipping Cheap NBA Hoodies Free Shipping Wholesale Shirts Wholesale Soccer Hats Wholesale NFL Hats
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