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SYDNEY cheap nike air max mens , Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Vulnerable and low-income Australians are struggling to make ends meet according to a new report released Wednesday that calls for a review on skyrocketing energy and utility prices in Australia.

The report conducted by the Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) made a number of recommendations to government in order to alleviate some of the pressure that everyday Australians are facing when it comes to their ever-increasing utility bills.

In Australia, the poverty line is calculated using the same standards applied by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which stipulate that anyone who has an income of less than 50 percent of the average annual income is determined to be living in poverty.

From the most recent estimates from the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), the poverty line equates to 400 Australian dollars (314.90 U.S. dollars) per week for a single adult - and in their October 2016 Poverty in Australia report - ACOSS estimated that 2.9 million people, or 13.3 percent are living below the poverty line in Australia cheap nike air max womens , along with 17.4 percent of all children.

At the time of the report's release, chief executive of ACOSS Cassandra Goldie was outraged about the lack of action being taken to ensure that those who are suffering in poverty in Australia are being adequately protected.

"The overall picture from the last decade is one of persistent and entrenched poverty across the community with an increase in child poverty," Goldie said.

"It is a national shame that after 25 years of economic growth, we have not done better at changing this trajectory and ensuring our most precious national resource, our children cheap nike air max wholesale , are given the best possible start in life."

One such person who is currently living in poverty, and being affected by the increasing pressure to be financially sufficient is Lanfen - an elderly migrant from China highlighted in the VCOSS report - who moved to Australia 13 years ago to be closer to her daughter.

Lanfen, who has five stents in her heart and was advised by her doctor to stay in air conditioned areas during summer, was denied a cooling system by public housing officials in the Australian state of Victoria, who claimed they did not have the requisite funding to install air conditioning in her unit.

"In the end cheap nike air max shoes , I have to gather the resources to pay the rent, otherwise I will have nowhere to live. I can only save up in other areas of my life to pay for these costs. It's not something within my power to change," Lanfen said through a translator in the report.

Despite her belief that the Australian Government has been "very good" to her, and stressing that she is "very lucky," Lanfen hopes that the government will be able to assist her for what is a medically required need.

Lanfen's story was but one of many contained in the comprehensive report cheap nike air max nz , and the chief executive officer of VCOSS, Emma King, told Xinhua on Wednesday that immediate action is required by the government, and energy retailers to address the needs of all low-income, and vulnerable people - particularly those without a strong command of English.

"Even with good English skills its a hard enough scenario ... And it is actually inexcusable that retailers aren't working with people to make sure that they are getting the best deal cheap nike air max ," King said.

With the rising costs of energy and utilities in Australia, King was adamant that action needs to be taken to ensure that the income divide is not exacerbated even further, with those who are at a lower socioeconomic level bearing the brunt of the rising prices across the board.

"When you think back over the last decade, our energy prices have increased 114 percent. If you compare that to the Consumer Price Index, the price for energy is through the roof nike air max trainers nz ," King said.

With the top three things people need to spend money on being heating, white goods and hot water, King said that there has to be pressure placed on regulators to ensure that people are educated about their options, adding that retailers have intentionally made it as "complex as it can possibly be."

"So unless government insists that retailers make these changes, I don't think that they will do it - it's imperative that people are given the best deal because these are essential services."

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