diy spray bar

Postby Indigo Blue Fish » 2006-09-24 20:47

As long as the turnover for filtration and oxygenation is adequate, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a bit!
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Postby smiley » 2006-10-04 21:47

a bit of an update on my spray bar

i thought id try another spray bar, but this time with only half as many holes in, and my fish are more happy than ever playin in all the bubles, ive left the holes the same size and the over all lenth of it is the same as the old one, just with less holes.
this increases the overall pressure in the pipe, that then basicly means that the presure coming out of the holes is more than the older one, thus pushing a little bit more air into the water,

over all im very happy with it, just see if it stands the test of time
can plecs see what they are eating ?
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