I hit the jackpot!

I hit the jackpot!

Postby blackguppy » 2008-03-20 03:09

I was in a pet chain store called Petco last Saturday. I've been stocking up on Corys from there, never bred them before. Anyway.... As I'm doing that, my wife runs over and drags me across the store to a clearance rack I never knew they had. One full shopping cart later, we were out of there, lol. :woot: I'm sorry to be so ethnocentric that I can never convert currency, but just think cheap wherever I mention a cost. :D I found a Cascade 185GPH power filter for $3, nothing wrong with it, two other power internal filters $3 each, tons of goldfish food, $1 each for the extra large resealable bags, a dozen disposable foam and charcoal air operated box filters (yeah, I might dispose of them, I'll clean and refill them) $.50 each. Pints of water conditioner, concentrated for ponds (duh, I can still use it for large aquarium starts or water changes) $.50 each. 10 gallon complete aquarium decors with filters hidden inside, $5 each, two of those. More food than I can talk about, $.25-.50 each, and so much more at under a $1 each, that I can't even remember it all, lol. Bags and bags of it sitting all over the living room still. :whistle1:

Only one problem, I left without the corys I went in there for in the first place!
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Re: I hit the jackpot!

Postby KittyKat » 2008-04-10 16:48

Hey, well done on the find! I've never seen any bargains quite like that myself... how is the cory search going?
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