…and everything smaller!

Postby Kev » 2005-10-24 14:46

Yeah well, I posted this on Aqua Auction aswell,

Anyway, just wanted to see what you guys think of them, personally, I think it is amazing we can keep things like Coral, Inverts, etc in something so small, obviously avoiding the extremes :)
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Postby KittyKat » 2005-10-24 15:36

i think they're great! :60:
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Postby saracen » 2005-11-04 23:32

I think that they are great, providing the rules are followed...

People who want to keep one must understand what they can put in them, and that a puddle isnt going to support Nemo, Dory and Bruce.....

Once you get round all that rubbish then I think they are an amazing thing to be able to keep, especially for those with limited space.

I have seen some really spectacular set ups in really small and interestingly shaped tanks, that just blew me away.
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Postby Sam » 2005-11-06 17:51

saracen wrote: a puddle isnt going to support Bruce.....

How did you work that out!? :P

You're completely right though saracen B)
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Postby Terweq » 2006-12-07 18:56


They\'re amazing! Now that I can\'t have a decent sized marine tank, it\'s something I\'ll be looking into!
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