Post 3.0 Where More Casual Players In The PoE

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Post 3.0 Where More Casual Players In The PoE

Postby poes3 » 2018-05-07 08:09

I found myself enjoying the *** out of leveling any time I found a Harbinger zone and it slowed my ass down to fight them but I didn't care. I couldn't be *** to level zana 8 and pay all that chaos to get harbingers in Bestiary. SO glad I never bothered. Now I get my harbingers frequently and I am happy.

Abyss was like a garbage version of Breach. Instead of having measured progress via shards, you had to go through multiple poe currency cheap checks. First, pray for depths. Next, pray for lich. Finally, pray you get something decent other than tombfists.

Do you have a source on that? Also what do you mean by in your face mechanics? Breach and Abyss both shower you with mobs but their methods for activating them are completely optional. So in the context of this thread you're saying forced league mechanics aka a flashback/legacy system where every map has a league mechanic added is the problem, but I'm not sure what your stance on the more optional ones that give lots of loot.

They've overall had more success and a much larger playerbase in this past year. Say lootsplosions meant an overall larger population but less retention but overall more players playing to the end of the league vs. a smaller playerbase that's more loyal, I imagine the larger playerbase would still be the one making them more money. They seem to profit a lot off going the league supporter pack route, and this game is quite centered around temporary leagues, so there isn't an inherit need or advantage to have players playing all year long. For all the games I've played long-term it's the ones that don't punish taking long breaks and coming back and everything being fresh that keep me entertained the longest, not the ones that try and get you to log in every day (dailies).

Also a huge reason for the worse retention is the influx of newer players. poe items for trade for a long time was on the radar of a more hardcore playerbase, so it makes sense that pre 3.0 the players it attracted during that time would be more interested in staying, and retention as a total percentage of players vs. the peak that league would be better vs. post 3.0 where more casual players are being introduced and it's starting to hit that mainstream audience.
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