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Scot McCloughan won one battle in Washington in August 2015. If he鈥檇 won two Cheap Vincent Valentine Jersey , maybe 鈥斅?em>maybe聽鈥?the Redskins wouldn鈥檛 be in the mess they鈥檙e wading through now.

The then-GM met for five hours one night that summer to convince owner Dan Snyder and president Bruce Allen that the time had come, and the team needed to move from Robert Griffin III to Kirk Cousins. Soon thereafter, with Cousins installed as starter, and believing he was in for a big year, McCloughan made a second appeal to the team鈥檚 top brass.

Let鈥檚 extend Cousins now, he told them, so we鈥檙e not stuck holding the bag later.

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In the end Cheap Trey Flowers Jersey , the quarterback鈥檚 lingering contract situation was one noticeable trigger in the explosion of the relationship between McCloughan and Allen, the team鈥檚 top two decision-makers. Most people in Ashburn agree the deterioration of the Allen/McCloughan partnership is why we鈥檙e here. The root of that discord remains up for debate, however, and it might never be definitively settled.

In this week鈥檚 Game Plan, we鈥檒l look at what could prevent another lockout/strike four years from now, early team impressions on Joe Mixon, the rebirth of the NFL safety Cheap Tom Brady Jersey , the league鈥檚 future in Las Vegas, the secret behind the Patriots鈥?sudden offseason aggression and much more.

We鈥檒l start, though, by explaining how Washington got back into a spot that鈥檚 all too familiar, where organizational chaos envelops the football side of an operation and swallows whole the promise of a new day.

Full disclosure: I bought that promise 100 percent a year ago. My belief, having been around the Redskins, was that they had become as level as they had been at any point during Snyder鈥檚 ownership. They had perhaps the top talent evaluator in football. They had an ascending Cheap Tedy Bruschi Jersey , 40-something head coach with a strong, deep staff. They had a 27-year-old quarterback. They had an increasingly deep roster.

They were good in 2015 鈥?division champs and red-hot down the stretch 鈥?and poised to get better. Even a jaded fan base was climbing aboard.

A year later, the GM is gone, coach Jay Gruden is replacing both his coordinators, the quarterback鈥檚 future is murky, and D.C. drama is back. And after talking with people at every level of the team who were there for the downturn, it鈥檚 clear there is passionate disagreement over just what tore all that optimism to shreds.

On one side of this is the idea Cheap Steve Grogan Jersey , floated to the Washington Post by an anonymous team source, that McCloughan鈥檚 past demons 鈥?he鈥檚 publicly talked about his fight with alcoholism 鈥?returned to bring him down over the past year. On the flip side, there are players and coaches who deny ever having witnessed that, and argue that it is being used as a red herring to take attention off a power struggle between Allen and McCloughan.

鈥淲hat鈥檚 pissing me off is how everything is Scot鈥檚 fault,鈥?one veteran player said. 鈥淭his is not Scot鈥檚 fault. Everyone here appreciates Scot. 鈥?Let鈥檚 be honest, the issues are there, but he鈥檚 never gotten in front of the team drunk or anything like that. Whoever is saying that needs to stop.鈥?/p>

鈥淚f that was there Cheap Stephon Gilmore Jersey , he did a good job of hiding it,鈥?another player said. 鈥淭here was never a discussion about that, at least that I saw.鈥?/p>

What those on the coaching and scouting staffs did see, eventually, was a blurring of lines that created a level of tension in the upper reaches of the club. There were, in particular, three flash points obvious to those not named Allen and McCloughan:

鈥?The Cousins negotiation. At the close of training camp in 2015 Cheap Stephen Gostkowski Jersey , McCloughan wanted to extend Cousins, but there was concern over how that鈥檇 go over with Griffin, because some felt the team still would need him at some point. (Whether a fair figure could have been reached with Cousins is open for debate, considering the quarterback鈥檚 inconsistent r茅sum茅 and lack of success at that point.) Finally, that December, McCloughan was given the green light. By then, Cousins鈥?camp wanted to wait until after the year.

After Cousins鈥?hot finish Cheap Shea McClellin Jersey , the Skins knew they鈥檇 have to franchise Cousins at a $20 million number, which framed negotiations in a place where the team wasn鈥檛 willing to go. Talks on a long-term deal got off to a rough start, and then control shifted from McCloughan to team negotiator Eric Schaffer. By the time 2016 was winding down, the GM had been removed completely from decision-making on Cousins.

To some inside the club, the use of the exclusive tag on Cousins was a surprise, since there鈥檇 been earlier discussion on potentially moving Cousins and going with Colt McCoy or signing someone like Mike Glennon. Point of all this? It鈥檚 hard to say that this was necessarily where the problem initially began, but there鈥檚 no question 鈥?based on the import of quarterback decisions 鈥?it strained the relationship.

鈥?Su鈥檃 Cravens injury. The rookie safety/linebacker injured his biceps on Dec. 11 against the Eagles. Initially [url=http://www.authenticnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-shaq-Imagemason-jersey]Cheap Shaq Mason Jersey[/url] , the team believed it was a tear. It wound up being a bruise, the kind players often play through. Cravens missed the following Monday鈥檚 game against Carolina, and then the next game in Chicago on Christmas Eve.

By then, his teammates, some of whom had seen him playing ping-pong at the facility, were openly wondering why he wasn鈥檛 pushing through the injury. After he missed two games, the team wanted him to get the arm drained in an effort to play in Week 17. Cravens responded by not showing up to the facility for treatment that day Cheap Ryan Allen Jersey , at which point McCloughan decided to call Cravens.

That didn鈥檛 go over well with Allen. Some veterans f.
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