About Path Of Exile 3.3.0 Arrives

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About Path Of Exile 3.3.0 Arrives

Postby poes3 » 2018-05-15 03:51

When more information about Path of Exile 3.3.0 arrives in a bit less than a month, Grinding Gear wants players to know what to expect. In a new post to kick off more specific details, developers have provided some general answers to questions on whether or not 3.3.0 is an expansion, what the timeline for release is, whether or not there will be an alpha before the June 1st release and more.

The Path of Exile site has been updated with a new article explaining how the game's April Fool's poe currency cheap", Path of Exile: Royale, was created from concept to finished, playable product. While only playable on April 1st, Grinding Gear has received a lot of positive feedback and is debating the mode's future, either as a recurring event or possibly even a standalone version of PoE.

The good folks at Grinding Gear are getting ready to unleash a brand-new Challenge league to its players when Incursion launches on June 1st. It's going to bring some fascinating new content to players as well the chance to travel back in time over a thousand years. The goal for Incursion is, according to Chris Wilson, to blur the line between league and expansion and to give players new items, new areas, new monsters, poe buy currency.

In a new developer post on the Path of Exile site, players are informed about a second set of skill revamps coming in the next major update to the game. The goal of the skill retooling process is to "breathe new life into underused older skills with additional mechanics or significan mechanical reworks to make them feel like brand new skills". Today's post details changes coming to Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap along with general changes to the trap system.
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