How To Get On The Map In Path Of Exile

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How To Get On The Map In Path Of Exile

Postby poes3 » 2018-05-15 03:52

It was neat the first few times but when you are now in the midst of the elder ring meta, and every single map when you want to kill a boss which is essentially not even worth doing half the time due to boss loot being so bad, having to watch a 15 second cutscene you have seen hundreds, or thousands of times gets pretty annoying.

I like more involved boss encounters, but there should really be some challenge rewards a la the old Vault treasure piles. Also, lengthy transition phases and animations are generally negatives and should at least add some dynamic to the fight. Look at Shakari VS Brine King, one has a completely pointless time sink while the other has a moderately difficult dodging phase. I say spice up the dead time and up the difficulty for high-tier map bosses.

in order for them to keep the rate the same it is now, they either would've to adjust the droprates for all poe items (drastically) or nerf the poe items it drops if uber elder was much easier available. i'm pretty sure reddit would explode with "i killed uber elder 50 times but got nothing of value" posts.

there is a reason for this rng grind, they didn't just implement it and were surprised by how hard it is for some people. people also complained (me included btw) about the tradesystem for years now, but they do not change it, basically because of the same reasons.

I did 40/40 in ssf and had lots of fun. If they made it easier, I would have less fun. Personally, I like that some things are super grindy. Then again, I play a lot and I know that many think that they shouldn't balance things around ppl that play poe buy items, but I like it.
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