What To Watch Out For When Entering A Room On The Road To Pa

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What To Watch Out For When Entering A Room On The Road To Pa

Postby poes3 » 2018-05-15 03:54

So the elementalist node changes MINIMUM shock value for Vov, shock effectiveness doesn't increase that further, however, as elementalist with conflux, you don't need it, as that is affected by shock effectiveness, so you hit the mob and it is shocked by 20% Which is the min value, and that is increased by shock effectiveness.

It's not like you have shocking conflux 100% of the time. It's 6/14 of the time, less than half. The rest of the time, you either rely on your shock chance or crit chance with lightning damage. Vessel of Vinktar is great for supplementing the latter at close range if you don't fear diving into packs.

Alva's speech scrolls inside the Temple blueprint, so you can see everything in one screen. It also uses the new fullscreen menu UI!

The timer goes up when you simply damage a boss, so you don't get blueballed by being portalled out while fighting a boss.

A return portal in Incursions so if a Room is already poe exalted orb and connected you can just skip the Incursion

A map of the Room before you enter, allowing you to plan which architect to kill and which doors to connect. It even tells you what interacting with them will do!
Normal mobs giving little time while Bosses give a lot of Incursion time, forcing players to make a choice in what they do during an Incursion

Being able to enter the Full Temple immediately after the 11th Incursion instead of having to open another map. Sounds good actually. Sometimes when you explain things as you go you miss a chaos orbs poe things so I am sure he is doing some preparation to explain it as best as possible.
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