balls you can get between the f

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balls you can get between the f

Postby linhui95 » 2018-06-28 05:59

If someone was holding a gun to my head and asked me..."what is the quickest and easiest way to improve a golfers score"....I'd have to say Marcus Davenport Super Bowl LI Jersey , "improve your putting." Because if you shot over 90 in your last game of golf and you had 6 three puts then you don't have to be a genius to work out that if you 2 putted instead of 3 putting then you'd score 6 shots better.

Ok, we've worked out that you need to practice your putting Authentic Dalton Schultz Jersey , but how?

Well it's been proven that the better the putter is the better they are at long putts, so that's where you should spend most of your time practicing. And you shouldn't just practice you putting line but instead you should practice hitting putts the correct weight. Because it doesn't matter if your ball is on the correct line if it's 10 feet short or long. And think about how often your putts are 10 feet wide of the hole. It's not often is it?

So you need to practice long putting. And one of the best drills to improve your distance control is to putt balls to the edge of the putting green. Get about 5 balls and start about 30 feet away from the fringe and try to putt the balls so they end up as close to the fringe as possible.

During this exercise don't worry about direction Authentic DJ Moore Jersey , only speed. Keep doing this and vary the distance from the fringe for each 5 balls you stroke. Do this at least 6 times so you practice at least 30 putts.

Also, to make this exercise more effective Bills Russell Bodine Jersey , putt with your eyes closed. And after you've hit each putt guess how close the ball has come to your target (i.e. the fringe). Once your ball has stopped rolling, open your eyes and see how correct you were.

Now here's another great distance control putting drill.

On a practice putting green measure 30 feet from the fringe. Then place about 15 balls down there. Then putt your first ball and try to get it at as close to the fringe as possible. Once you've done this then hit your second putt and try to get it to finish as close to your first ball as possible without going past it. Then hit your third putt and try to get it to finish as close to your second ball as possible Buccaneers Vita Vea Jersey , without going past it.

Keep doing this and see how many balls you can get between yourself and the fringe. But if any balls go past the previous ball then it's game over. You have to start again.

This is a fun putting game to see how many balls you can get between the fringe and yourself and it will improve your distance control at the same time. Plus you can keep record of your personal best and try and beat it.

By practicing putting drills like this it allows you to concentrate solely on feel and weight of putting without being concerned about whether the ball has gone in the hole. And if you improve your long putting your scores will improve and it will be easier than working on your swing.

You see, there's no point in hitting the ball great but then 3 putting. So improve your putting first and then work on improving your swing.

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