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The monthly Quiz!

Postby saracen » 2006-11-02 15:34

A Multiple choice quiz for you this month! Answers to me by personal message or e-mail by the 29th of November please!

Good Luck!!!!

1. ?Shelldwellers? or the ?desktop cichlids? are miniature cichlida that defend a small territory based on an empty shell in Africa?s

a) Lake Victoria.
B) Lake Tanganyka.
c) Lake Malawi.
d) Lake Nyasa.

2. Some fish colours are produced by pigment-bearing cells in the skin. But the interfacing patterns of light as it?s refracted among the closely-layered guanine crystals are responsible for fishes? butterfly-wing ?structural colours? in shades of

a) Blue and green.
B) Silver and white.
c) Red and gold.
d) Olive, cream and brown.

3. The phrase ?balanced aquarium? is about a hundred and fifty years old. It refers to the balance

a) of the nitrogen cycle.
B) Between carbon dioxide and oxygen production.
c) Of fish species in a harmonious community.
d) Between carnivores and herbivores.

4. The world?s first public aquarium was opened in 1853, situated prominently in

a) Hamburg.
B) Paris.
c) London.
d) New York.

5. The sensitive ?feelers? of Pearl Gouramis and Blue Gouramis, and Dwarf Gouramis too, are actually highly developed

a) opercula fins.
B) Pectoral fins.
c) Ventral fins.
d) Caudal fins.

6. The Amazon is perhaps the world?s oldest continuously-flowing river system, with the largest number of tropical fish species of any single watershed. It?s sediment in the Atlantic Ocean is visible from space. Has it ever emptied into the Pacific?

a) Yes
B) No

7. If you maintained a separate ?species? aquarium for each and every genuine species of fish scientifically described so far, both in fresh and saltwater, how many tanks would you need?

a) About 26,000 or so.
B) About 7-8 thousand.
c) Just over 12,000.
d) More than 90,000 aquariums.

8. Your plants are overrun with snails! You pick out all the big ones, but need some help. Which fish will do the best job of finding all the little ones and eating them?

a) Common Plec.
B) Angels.
c) Bala Sharks.
d) Clown Loaches.

9.If you went to collect Zebra Danios, where would you go?

a) The island of New Guinea.
B) Northern Burma and Thailand.
c) The grasslands of Paraguay and Bolivia.
d) Sub-tropical east Africa.
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