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Postby xiaxue123 » 2019-05-16 00:48

China on Monday issued a position paper on the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The full text of the position paper is as follows:

China's Position Paper on the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations


I. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (UN) and victory of the world anti-fascist war and Chinese People's War Against Japanese Aggression. As an outcome of victory against fascism Von Miller Broncos Jersey , the UN embodies the ardent hope of people around the world for peace and development. Its founding is an epoch-making event in the history of mankind and a milestone in the quest for peace and progress.

In the past 70 years, as the most representative and authoritative intergovernmental organization in the world, the UN, with its three pillars of peace and security, development, and human rights Von Miller Kids Jersey , has played an irreplaceable role and accomplished a great deal in promoting human progress.

Seventy years on, the UN Charter remains as relevant as ever. It is important that the international community renews the spirit of the Charter and, more importantly, enriches and reinvigorates it in light of the trend of our times and the needs of the world.

We live in a changing world full of new opportunities and challenges. The international system and order are undergoing profound adjustments, with the balance of power shifting in favor of peace and development. The trend of our times featuring peace, development and win-win cooperation is becoming more pronounced. On the other hand Von Miller Youth Jersey , there are a multitude of new and tough challenges. The world economy has not recovered from the lingering impact of the global financial crisis. Poverty and other worldwide problems still persist. Regional hotspot issues keep flaring up. Terrorism, cyber-security and other unconventional security threats are on the rise. All in all, achieving world peace and development is a long and uphill battle.

Against this background, there are growing expectations for the UN to take on more responsibilities. Today, the role of the UN must be strengthened rather than weakened; its authority must be upheld instead of undermined.

II. The 70th anniversary of the UN is an important opportunity for the international community to review history, look ahead to the future and achieve the following objectives so as to turn the vision of the UN Charter into reality at an early date.

-- It is important to remember the lessons of history and uphold the outcome of the world anti-fascist war so as to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war".

-- It is important to uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter Von Miller Womens Jersey , respect countries' choice of development path and social system, and settle differences and disputes peacefully through dialogue and consultation.

-- It is important to advocate common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, respect and ensure the security of each country, build an international security cooperation architecture based on openness Authentic Von Miller Jersey , transparency and equality, embark on a new path toward security by all, of all and for all and make joint efforts to safeguard regional and global peace and stability.

-- It is important to promote greater democracy and the rule of law in international relations. The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, equality and justice must be upheld in international relations. Universally applicable rules must be adopted to tell right from wrong and promote peace and development. Countries, big or small, strong or weak Von Miller Jersey , rich or poor, are all equal members of the international community and entitled to equal-footed participation in international rule-making and law-based exercise of rights. No attempt should be made, in the name of "rule of law", to undermine other countries' rights and interests.

-- It is important to maintain and develop an open global economy, improve global economic governance, and ensure equal opportunities, fair rules and equal rights in international economic cooperation so as to achieve prosperity and development for all.

-- It is important to advance global development cooperation, with a focus on addressing the development concerns of developing countries, so as to help all countries take a path of equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.

-- It is important to respect countries' right to choose their own path of human rights development, place equal importance on both categories of human rights, engage in equal-footed and constructive dialogue and cooperation#7# approach human rights issues in a just and objective manner, and promote the healthy development of the human rights cause globally.

-- It is important to seek common ground while reserving differences, embrace openness and inclusiveness, draw on each other's strengths through exchanges and mutual learning, work together for common progress despite differences and celebrate the cultural diversity of the world.

-- It is important to build a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, bring about a more just and equitable international order and build a community of common destiny for the entire humanity. Countries should align their interests with those of other countries#8# expand areas of converging interests and pursue peace, development and win-win outcomes for all through cooperation.

-- It is important to pay greater attention to the voice of developing countries in international affairs, reflect their aspirations, protect their rights and interests, and increase their say in the UN and relevant international institutions.

III. Marking the 70th anniversary of the UN, the world needs to come together to make it a strong champion of peace and security and vigorous advocate of development and prosperity. China suggests that the UN prioritize work in the following areas.

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