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The BPO industry is responsible for generating revenues of billions of dollars in the Philippines annually http://www.vikingsfanaticproshop.com/harrison-smith-vikings-jersey/ , and it is close to impossible that it will achieve its death in the Philippine industry. This industry is set to continue to progress, and the demand of embracing this strategy will surely multiply and multiply as years and decades will pass by.

The number of businesses demanding the service of an outsourcing company is projected to soar even higher this year, and undeniably, it has a high probability that trends are set to change the course of BPO history in the industry.

Companies will surely be looking for innovation – the very reason why business process outsourcing companies need to be on the look-out for these countless BPO trends. 2017 unnoticeably ended its first quarter, and here are the two trends that evidently became significant in the BPO industry this year.

The Never-Ending Issues About Security

Clients are always looking for more efficient security measures provided by their outsourcing company. With the recent scandals of several businesses due to ineffective security policies by their outsourcing company, clients feel that the risk of being exposed to security threats that include financial and identity theft, fraud, data hacking, and information breach are just sitting in the corner.

With that http://www.vikingsfanaticproshop.com/fran-tarkenton-vikings-jersey/ , today’s customers are more concerned regarding how companies use their data and track their activities online. That’s why security is still a vital concern for clients, and this issue represents a valuable threat that will certainly affect the track of the BPO industry.

To address this concern, BPO companies are becoming more careful in every internal and external affair, procedures and processes inside and outside their company. Embracing highly technological cyber security programs might be one thing, and the intensive implementation of private policies of companies backed by strict government compliance and laws are strongly implied in every outsourcing company, decreasing the risks of general security threats that exists in the BPO industry.

Is It Goodbye For Customer Service?

Most of the time, an outsourcing company is associated to centralize in call centers. However, there’s this outgoing trend that simply has the idea of eliminating the mainstream of outsourcing companies, and instead http://www.vikingsfanaticproshop.com/everson-griffen-vikings-jersey/ , shifted their eyes by embracing self-service customer care to customers. But why is that?

Since technology plagued the whole world in this digital era, millennials are mostly relying on their tablets, mobile devices, and computers with an independent mentality. On a recently conducted survey, focusing on the age group of teenagers, millennials, and including young adults, they are starting to prefer self-service rather than making calls, or having a live chat with a customer support. This trend is actually interesting http://www.vikingsfanaticproshop.com/eric-kendricks-vikings-jersey/ , and as a result, customers and consumers will be given the necessary information with their convenience, without wasting and stressing their time not resolving their own issues in made calls.

However, some consumers and customers might not see this as a good thing, as it will be an evident scenario of lack of “communication” between the business and a customer. Nonetheless, this idea can still be promising, as it is one of the interesting innovations and trends of BPO companies this 2017.

With these trends, it served as a testament that the BPO industry is hardly unpredictable. Having these changes and innovations might pose either positive or negative effect. But at the end of the day, Coefficients is devoted to providing you the maximum quality of outsourcing to fulfill your business necessities.

About <"http:www.coefficientsco">Coefficents Co Ltd.

Coefficients currently serves more than 20 global clients in knowledge services. The company’s eventual metamorphosis from BPO to KPO is a very good opportunity for it to be ideally positioned to lead in knowledge-based services via ramping up capacity and honing its people’s competency.

Here at Coefficients http://www.vikingsfanaticproshop.com/emmanuel-lamur-vikings-jersey/ , we go above and beyond for our clients. From assessment to solution design, to training, transition and launch; we cater to every phase and we got you covered every step of the way. We don’t go for temporary aids. We strike to the core.

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