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Authentic Andre Roberson Jersey

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In the JustSendOnline file sending model Willie Horton Womens Jersey , a sender first uploads a file to a server in the JustSendOnline datacenter. An email is automatically generated to the recipient or recipients, who then download the file to their computers, PDAs, or other device. To ensure that data is not compromised in either transfer, JustSendOnline employs the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL is browser-based protocol Victor Martinez Womens Jersey , originally developed by Netscape to provide for secure transfer of information between two points on the Internet. Today, it is the most common way e-commerce and other commercial sites protect an end user's confidential information in transit. SSL works by encryption. A secure website first sends a user's browser a public encryption key, which is used to construct another, unique, non-public encryption key. This key Omar Vizquel Womens Jersey , which is known only to the web server and the user, is then used to protect all subsequent transfers of information. In practice, SLL provides a secure tunnel between two points on the Internet. Files transferred along this tunnel are wrapped in a layer of encryption that makes them impossible for third parties to view or compromise. 2. Data Confidentiality with JustSendOnline:-Using its SSL solution, JustSendOnline can ensure complete data confidentiality. The encryption methods it uses are based on keys only available to the user and the server, making it practically impossible to decode the data sent Omar Infante Womens Jersey , even if it is intercepted. 3. Data Integrity with JustSendOnline: - JustSendOnline SSL solution also ensures data integrity. That means that no outside source can modify data as it travels between an end user and a server. If data is changed in transit, the protocol automatically recognizes the modification and asks the client to resubmit the file. 4. Advantages of JustSendOnline for IT Management Many other solutions exist for secure file transfer such as Secure FTP, Secure Shell (SSH), and custom products offered by third party vendors. In choosing a file sending solution, companies should not only consider security Nick Castellanos Womens Jersey , but also the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The JustSendOnline solution offers a number of benefits that lower costs and reduce the strain on IT departments. These include: Firewall Friendly Solution Unlike FTP and SSH, JustSendOnline provides an easy way to transfer large files at a higher level of security. Both Secure FTP and SSH solutions require ports to be opened permanently in a firewall to allow for inbound commands to a network, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Because JustSendOnline SSL solution works with the HTTP protocol on port 443, it does not require a permanently open port. Instead, firewalls dynamically open and close the port for it as needed. Low Maintenance Set Up In addition Miguel Cabrera Womens Jersey , JustSendOnline requires no resources to set up and maintain. IT departments do not need to track logins and passwords, activating and retiring them as employees come and go. Cross Platform Access JustSendOnline solution is inherently cross platform and works on any browser. Even if a recipient is remote and has no access to an FTP client, he or she can still download files securely using any web browser .http:www.justsendonline
VANCOUVER, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- A Taiwanese man trying to cycle around the world reunited with his stolen bike here in Vancouver on Friday with the help of local police.

Jacky Chen travelled 5,000 km in his trip to Vancouver when his bike was stolen from a backyard Michael Fulmer Womens Jersey , where it was chained up overnight on Sept. 10.

The 37-year-old found his bike missing next day and a Canadian reporter got the news and called Vancouver police for response to Chen's story.

Police officers realized they had stopped a 24-year-old man riding the same bike on Sept. 11. They had seized the bike, but had been unable to identify it as Chen's. After the connection was made, Chen finally retrieved his bike.

Chen left his job as an electrical engineer in Taiwan, China and started his lonely round-the-world trip in June. He said he planned to finish his journey in three to five years and his goal was to show his journey through Facebook to his friends who couldn't travel the world.

"I hope I could visit over 100 countries. I always update what I see, the view and the people I meet and anything I experience Lance Parrish Womens Jersey ," he said.

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