Camisa Neymar Jr Copa 2018

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Camisa Neymar Jr Copa 2018

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WELLINGTON Camisa Filipe Luis Brasil , June 22 (Xinhua) -- China remained the largest source of foreign arrivals in New Zealand, and China was New Zealanders' third favorite overseas destination in terms of increases in overseas trips, New Zealand's statistics department Stats NZ said on Thursday.

New Zealand's annual net migration reached 72,000 in the May 2017 year, with major non-citizen arrivals from China, Britain and Australia Camisa Fernandinho Brasil , according to the Stats NZ.

Migrant arrivals reached 130,400 and migrant departures numbered 58,400 in the year ended May 2017, it said.

"The continued high level of net migration in the May 2017 year was driven by non-New Zealand citizens migrating to New Zealand," population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said, adding Camisa Gil Brasil , "Of the 130,400 migrant arrivals, 3 out of 4 were non-New Zealand citizens."

On a net basis, New Zealand citizens leaving and returning to this country almost balanced each other out in the last 12 months. There was a net migration gain of 73,300 non-New Zealand citizens in the past year, according to the release.

Of the 98 Camisa Thiago Silva Brasil ,300 non-New Zealand citizen arrivals, 12 percent were from China, 10 percent were from Britain, and 10 percent were from Australia.

Annual migrant arrivals from India fell 31 percent to 9,200 in the May 2017 year, mainly due to a 40-percent drop in annual student visa arrivals.

Offsetting the fall in the number of Indian migrants were rises in migrant arrivals from Britain Camisa Fagner Brasil , which was up 12 percent to 15,100, and South Africa, which was up 59 percent to 5,000, Stats NZ said.

China's J-10B fighter jet to join competition of int'l military game

HKSAR's fifth-term chief executive pledges to serve people with pragmatism

China donates 100 Camisa Weverton Brasil ,000 bags of relief food for drought-hit Kenya

Berlin Zoo says Chinese pandas will "feel at home"

Yoga fans practise yoga across China

Scenery of Zhagana mountains featuring Tibetan-style villages

Snow leopard cubs spotted at headwater region of Yangtze in NW China

In pics: 52nd Int'l Paris Air and Space Show

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INCHEON, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Following are the Asian Games soccer results on Monday:


Group B

Uzbekistan 5 Afghanistan 0

Hong Kong, China Camisa Gabriel Jesus Copa 2018 , 2 Bangladesh 1

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