Hulu plus doesn't work on vizio.

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Hulu plus doesn't work on vizio.

Postby blakejones » 2018-06-13 08:00

Hello friends...

I need your help!!!!

Actually, I'm new here. and trying to use Hulu plus on Vizio device. but I really, don't know why it is not working Vizio. I have tried to fix this issue. but failed. please, suggest me, what to do?
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Re: Hulu plus doesn't work on vizio.

Postby generalanya » 2018-06-14 04:15


If you continue to experience issues with Hulu on your Vizio TV after completing general troubleshooting then follow these steps:

1. Please delete the Hulu widget from your device and then re-install it.
2. Press the VIA button on your remote.
3. Highlight the Hulu application and press the yellow button.
4. Select Delete Snippet.

For any help visit us: Hulu Plus Account Login
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