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OSLO Sam Reinhart Jersey , June 2 (Xinhua) -- The number of registered unemployedNorwegians went down in May, online newspaper E24 reportedFriday.

Last month there were 70,900 people registered as fullyunemployed at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)-- 1,900 fewer than before, E24 wrote.

The proportion of unemployed is now 2.6 percent of theworkforce Johan Larsson Jersey , compared with 2.9 percent in May last year, a reportfrom NAV said.

"There is a clear improvement in the Norwegian labor market.This is in line with other figures we have," Erik Bruce, chiefanalyst at Nordea financial group, told E24.

He pointed out that the national accounts showed risingemployment.

Since the beginning of the year Kyle Okposo Jersey , unemployment has fallen byabout 1,000 people on average per month.

After the years that experienced the oil crisis, the situationgets brighter, Bruce said.

"It tells us that the oil crisis is at its end. The way itlooks, the unemployment flattens out in oil-countries and then itcontinues to fall in the rest of the country Jake McCabe Jersey ," he said, adding thatit was difficult to say whether this was due to the strongereconomy or weaker job offers.

"NAV figures continue to show an improvement in the labormarket, indicating that capacity utilization is increasing," saidJeanette Strom Fjaere, economist at DNB Markets investmentbank.

Sigrun Vageng Jason Pominville Jersey Sale , NAV's director, expressed belief thatunemployment would fall further.

"The labor market trend has been positive over the past sixmonths and in May we had a significant decline in the number ofunemployed. More job vacancies and fewer notifications ofterminations and layoffs make us expect further decline ofunemployment," Vageng said in a press release.

However, despite fewer being reported as unemployed, many stillstruggle to get a job.

"At the same time Jack Eichel Jersey Sale , the number of long-term unemployed increasedand unemployment has increased among those who have been jobseekers for more than one year and most among them who have beenjob seekers for between one-and-a-half and two years," according tothe NAV report.

"In May, 21,500 of the unemployed had been unemployed for over ayear. Long-term unemployment has especially increased in thecounties that have been hit by the decline in the oil industry," itsaid.

NAV statistics do not reflect the total number of unemployedNorwegians Evander Kane Jersey Sale , as not all unemployed people register themselves assuch, E24 wrote. Enditem

When lovers make the move and say their marriage vows, they deeply want their marriage to last forever. They plan to share the remainder of their lives together as a couple, growing older with one another and sharing every cheery second imaginable with each other.

However, some things don't tend to befall that way. Couples argue Jason Pominville Sabres Jersey , fight and disagree on certain issues and get all flustered at one another. This is typical to a degree but you can't let it negatively influence your marriage.

A lot of people may not know that marriage requires a great deal of effort from both spouses involved. If you don't put an effort in saving your marriage, it can lead to more serious and expensive dilemmas later on. One or both spouses in the marriage may feel that they're being stifled, slighted and mistrusted or feel that their marriage is sinking into a rut.

It's meaningful to recollect the reasons why you found love with your partner and the reasons why you want to share the duration of your life with them. You need to really try keeping that fire sizzling. It's often preferable attempting to iron issues out on your own before seeking the advice of a professional.

Have in mind though that if your attempts are falling through, there is nothing discreditable about pursuing counseling together. This is highly consequential. It needs to be essential for both you and your partner to save your marriage by attempting to keep things working.

Keeping the communication lines accessible is one of the most critical elements in a healthy marriage. This is one of many largest key factors in bringing on a marriage to work.

So often we tend to get near-sighted in attempting to tell our partner how we feel about them, however we have oversight to hear how they feel. You have to bear in mind that while your feelings are significant and need to be heard - so are your spouse's.

If the two of you are having problems or are feeling slighted Jack Eichel Sabres Jersey , it's important for both of you to spend time together - offering one another a chance to vocalize and tell the other how you feel. Sincere and unimpeded communication is almost bound to save your marriage from calamity.

Arranging time for both yourself and your partner is essential. Make it a date night! Oftentimes married couples get so wrapped up in their busy routines that they disremember to share time together with one another. This is the time when a date night can really do miracles.

It gives both you and your partner one night out of the week to share well-deserved time together with one another. This is your big chance to forget your problems at work, the garage that needs cleaning up, the neighbor's noisy kids.... everything.

This may be your special night together to dedicate to your marriage and rev up that relationship by keeping the fireworks blazing. If you happen to have children, it would be a golden opportunity to have them spend the night at their friend's house.

This would allow you and your partner an entire night together to heat up that flame. Rekindling that wildfire is positive to save your marriage from being snuffed out. Your partner is your biggest investment in marriage. Love is the biggest return on that investment.

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