Emulsion Pumping Station

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Emulsion Pumping Station

Postby happywork » 2019-01-11 08:22

general provisions
Article 1 Personnel without special training and qualified certificates are not allowed to operate pumping stations.
Article 2 Pressure feeding according to regulations is not allowed to be changed at will.
Article 3 All kinds of hydraulic and electrical protective devices must be sensitive and reliable. They must not be thrown away. Under special circumstances, measures should be formulated and submitted to the Chief Engineer for approval, but long-term unprotected operation should not be allowed.
Article 4 Emulsions are formulated in accordance with the regulations, and the proportion of emulsifiers is strictly controlled in the range of 3%65507
Article 5 The pump body and the box body shall be kept at a stable level and adjusted in time after each movement.
Article 6 Pumping station drivers have the right to refuse illegal command.

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