How many computers are online through the router

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How many computers are online through the router

Postby happywork » 2018-02-13 06:25

<p> What is the four layer switch with the popularity of wireless networks, we give the intelligent mobile phone, Pad tablet wireless Internet has brought great convenience, but often users found their wireless network speed more slowly, suspect someone rub network, how to see through a router with several computer online? To solve this problem, the following everyone weapon. </p>
<p>, the first router how to see a few computer online? </p>
<p> view the wireless router in several computer online, is actually very simple, as long as the router login admin interface, you can view, specific methods are as follows; </p>
<p> 1, log into the router admin interface, and then enter the login account and password, as shown in Fig. shown: </p>
<p> router landing </p>
<p> 2, after entering the router management interface, and then in the wireless settings “ host state ” you can view the current What is wireless AP, the selection of wireless AP has a few computer online, as shown below: </p>
<p> above the current router, only one connection I use, it is very obvious that the author the router has not been rub network. </p>
<p> note: ordinary wireless routers can only identify roughly several computers (including smart phones, tablet computers, notebooks) online, but cannot detect specific devices. If </p>
<p> is the intelligent router, is relatively more advanced, can be seen, is the mobile phone, tablet or computer online, as shown below: </p>
<p> </p>
<p> the method of viewing the intelligent router millet router router has to view a few computer online, millet router is well-known with router, can detect a specific type of access router equipment the. </p>
<p> two, if the wireless router is how do rub network? </p>
<p> router rub network, your router password has been compromised, propose to change the method of router login password and password for wireless </p>
<p> above is through the [url=[detailed_introduction].html]What are the switch maintenance failure [detailed introduction][/url] to see a few computer online, I hope to help you! </p>
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Re: How many computers are online through the router

Postby phannson88 » 2018-02-13 06:42

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