delivered was not the solid wood floor

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delivered was not the solid wood floor

Postby qizhen10001 » 2018-04-16 06:21

which cost 210 yuan per square meter. Ms. Zhang paid a total of 18,000 yuan for floor ribs and part of the floor, and left the rest of the money until all was installed. Not long ago, the installation master installed the floor in Ms. Zhang's home.
Ms. Zhang observed that the floor delivered was not the solid wood floor that the business said, but the cheaper floor. Ms. Zhang rushed to find the business, under several negotiations, the merchant agreed to a refund. But at this time, a room in Ms. Zhang’s home has been plastered on the floor,
and Ms. Zhang is responsible for some of the losses. Obviously, the merchants sell the veneer flooring as solid wood flooring. How can consumers afford losses? Ms. Zhang does not recognize this practice of the business. Indignantly, Ms. Zhang complained to the industrial and commercial department.
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