technology of industry

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technology of industry

Postby qizhen10001 » 2018-04-17 05:18

beneficial result. Its scope of business is: One, begin Zhu Teng actively to study scientificly, those who organize key learning task discuss reach science and technology of Composite Fencing Product in China promotion of achievement of science and technology, Zhu Teng to seek advice from an activity, raise level of
science and technology of industry of Hainan bamboo cane; 2, strengthen transverse connection, communicate produce, for, annul, the relation

between division, labour, trade, this old house deck overlay organization and technology of industry of harmonious bamboo cane are used, introduce and popularize advanced production technology and experience, expand production of bamboo cane industry, raise Zhu Teng to produce already run level of management; 3, according to Hainan characteristic and market demand, organize new product of research and development bamboo 85 lumber cedar fencing cane ceaselessly, increase

the bamboo cane resource of Hainan, advantage of economy of resource advantage translate into, for zoology province construction makes contribution; 4, the reasonable proposal that offers the guiding principle that produces about industry of development bamboo cane, policy and technology, recruit the staff officer of balcony deck plans with angle bracing bamboo cane industry when very various government sector; 5, unit of the member that safeguard
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