Looking back at the floor price

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Looking back at the floor price

Postby qizhen10001 » 2018-04-17 05:25

<p>of laminate flooring was as low as 30 yuan per square meter, <a href='http://gulfcoastdaylily.org/cheap-flooring/5969.html'>swimming pool wood and plastic composite decking</a>or even lower; the price of solid wood flooring also decreased from several hundred yuan per square meter to one square meter per square meter. With more than 100 yuan, the price war has caused enterprises and distributors to suffer setbacks,floor tiles on credit in ghana and there is no guarantee of interests. The survival will be threatened, development will be even more inconceivable, and purely selling </p>
<p>products will no longer be appropriate.<a href='http://caviking.org/wpc-floor/677-engineered-hardwood-floor-lifting.html'>engineered hardwood floor lifting</a> The stylization of the floor has become more and more important. Some companies have stylized their products as soon as they are born. Under the guidance of this style, they have obtained huge profits and avoided homogenous competition. marine and plastic flooring australiaStyle has become the core of differentiated competition in solid wood flooring, and companies also sell products. To sell a lifestyle transformation. The author </p>
<p>believes that product stylization is a good way to get rid of the price war,<a href='http://buttons-bows.org/eco-floor/2035.html'>fixing fence posts to slabs</a> but how does a floor product embody a unique product style and how it embodies a new way of life? This requires successful learning from other industries or peers, style, natural wood outdoor decking supplier in aragonInnovation and differentiation will enable the company's development to get rid of homogenous competition and enjoy the abundant profits of Blue Ocean. With the economic recovery, brand </p>
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