the trimming of the panel furniture

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the trimming of the panel furniture

Postby qizhen10001 » 2018-07-12 01:42

the hardness should be suitable for its own conditions. 3. When purchasing wooden furniture, you can pay attention to the appearance and processing quality of the products. For example, whether the furniture is flat or not. Whether the appearance of the paint product is clean, wrinkle-free, paint-painted, etc.
Whether the trimming of the panel furniture is smooth and smooth, and there is no leakage. Whether the non-intersection surface of the wood-based panel component is edge-sealed. Should also pay attention to the quality of hardware accessories.
The outer surface of the hardware accessories should be smooth, electroplated, flexible, open and closed, and have a certain thickness. There should be no rust or burrs. 4, solid wood flooring material selection. Pick the brand. At present,
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