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BEIJING, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Apple CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday that smartphones are growing in importance as they add new functions, and they will not be replaced by other products any time soon.

"For most people, the smartphone is either the primary or the sole window that they have to the Internet... and there is nothing that eclipses it any time soon or maybe any time in the distant future," he said in an interview with Xinhua in Beijing.

Cook is optimistic about the world smartphone market as penetration in many markets is very low, such as India, where the 4G network is just rolling out this year.

"It's not something you use once a month or once a week. You are gonna be using it all the time. It's a constant companion," he said.

The company plans to release a new iPhone model in September. Its sales in China in recent quarters have not been that favorable.

Figures show the quarterly revenue of Apple in greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, dropped by 33 percent year on year to 8.848 billion U.S. dollars from April to June.

According to statistics released last month by Counterpoint Research, Apple dropped to the fifth place in China's mobile market in the first quarter, after Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi, which secured 53 percent of combined market share.

Cook responded that the company saw a significant reduction of channel inventory, particularly in the quarter from March to June, meaning customers are buying more products than the shown revenue.

Another factor that has influenced the financial figures is the depreciation of the Chinese yuan, he said.

Cook said he is optimistic about the company's sales prospects in the fall, especially as the iOS 10 operating system will be launched.

Increasingly and more teachers are using social networking to communicate Women's Jordan Matthews Jersey , communication and collaborating with college and school students in present time. Social networking sites including TeenMing, Twitter, Google Plus and other such ways of learning an attractive manner.

This heading we take a look architectures to enhance to the use of social networking and micro-blogging and enhance learning at the top level.


Front Loader has been a popular way to show classes in K12 education. Using social networking to be discussed with students advance a lesson in advance, in order to facilitate understanding. Therefore when students in the classroom the next day. They have also available to answer any your questions.

Social networking is well in advance for supplies. For instance, you can use social networking upload English, math’s history etc. video lesson on TeenMing. After looking at the recording, allows students easily join the live discussion with you to become familiar with the topic.


TeenMing and Twitter, is the master of the micro-blogging website will be used for communicating important information regarding the class in 140 letterings or less will. Act micro blogging to promote as a best stage to teaching and learning their valuable input and ideas concerning a subject or a particular class. Educational institutions be able to meet-free, easily using micro blogging facility brought into the classroom to get started interact with college and school students website today.


A lot of teachers lead the way returned in his classroom. A teacher gives students the opportunity in order to discuss or sharing your ideas while K12 class is in progress. Information about learning on TeenMing or Twitter In other words, the college and school students on Twitter and TeenMing lessons learned progressively shown on a giant screen for the entire class to see the write the same. The teacher takes his answering. Their private number to the requirements in the feedback channel from time to time Backrest tube therefore creating forecast for college students to answer questions and provide find reviews of fellow students.

Role Playing

RPG (Role playing group) combination with social networking can be an enjoyable and amazing experience for the students as well. RPG chance and an opportunity for learning is bright and very easy to use. Teachers allocate a role one to each student a novel or a story, and said unto their respective roles played just for fun to participate. Learning experience

TeenMing Fan Pages

Educational groups can tell their teachers to present TeenMing in classrooms. TeenMing will assistance students to simply makecreate TeenMing fan pages on any theme or subjects of their choice and attention. For instance, a Math’s teacher could make a "Math is the future and Teenming way to Rich" fan page. After teachers and school Students can make their notes and the results of their work to publish the class.

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