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May to October

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There've always been risks to hunting and fishing -- and smart hunters and fishers have always been aware of them and taken steps to minimize the risks.

Just as you now practice gun safety Cheap Baseball Hats , you must now be aware that there is new risk -- bird flu.

Right now, the risk is small. That is true.

If you're hunting in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia) you do have a slight but significant chance of encountering the bird flu virus.

If you're hunting in the Western Hemisphere (North and South America), your chances of encountering bird flu are -- right now -- very small but NOT zero. Especially if you're hunting in the far north of Alaska and Canada.

Experts expect migratory birds to bring the H5N1 virus to the Americas by fall. So far Cheap Baseball Shirts , they have not found it in this hemisphere. But remember that they cannot capture and test every single bird.

You don't want to catch bird flu from the one duck in North America that's infected with bird flu!

Migratory birds such as ducks have always carried influenza viruses in their intestines and that's never seemed to bother hunters.

However, the avian influenza virus known as H5N1 is a new beast. It kills chickens like Ebola and, unlike most avian flus, it has infected and killed people.

The H5N1 bird flu mainly infects birds such as ducks and geese, but it is known to also infect mammals Cheap Baseball Hoodies , such as a cat in Germany. Therefore, although it's not likely to be in a random squirrel, rabbit, raccoon or deer -- you can't be 100% sure.

But it is true that hunting ducks or other birds is the mostly likely to expose you to the virus.

Hunters and fishers, you should both know that the H5N1 virus can live up to a month or so in water. Therefore Cheap Baseball Jerseys , if you wade (or fall) into any water where ducks, geese or other birds swim (and defecate), there's a slight chance you could catch the virus that way.

Exposure to the virus in water is the one major possible risk to fishers -- because the virus cannot infect fish, handling, cleaning and eating them is not a problem.

Hunters Cheap MLB Hats , wear waterproof boots. Keep your feet dry (always good advice).

The major risk to hunters is the physical handling and cleaning of dead ducks. Wear rubber gloves when you're handling dead ducks -- at all times. People have caught bird flu from plucking feathers from infected chickens. They've even caught bird flu from making shuttlecocks with chicken feathers.

So you're at particular risk when you're de-feathering and eviscerating the birds.

When you cook them, rinse the carcass with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. After you're done cutting it up and handling it, wash all knives, utensils, cutting boards and other kitchen surfaces thoroughly before preparing any other food.

Discard all the waste matter carefully in a plastic bag. Dispose of it so that no child or dog can touch the body parts or blood.

Cook the meat thoroughly. 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celcius) will kill any H5N1 virus infecting the bird. Do not serve until meat is well done -- never eat any pink or red meat. People in Vietnam have died from bird flu because they ate a traditional Vietnamese delicacy -- raw duck blood soup. That's no longer such a popular meal in Vietnam.

That's true of all meat and fish whether we're facing bird flu or not -- other bacteria Cheap MLB Shirts , viruses and parasites can be in any flesh you eat. Serving it well done is healthiest.

Some hunters don't eat their catches -- they have them mounted on trophy boards.

If you mount dead birds onto trophy boards for hunters -- you should wear rubber gloves at all times.

Chances are, the birds you shoot will not have bird flu -- but sooner or later, some hunter somewhere will shoot an infected duck. Take the proper precautions, and only the duck will die.

Sooner or later, some hunter somewhere is going to shoot a bird flu infected duck. The risk is small -- but it will happen. If you're careful Cheap MLB Hoodies , the duck will be the only one to die.
The Seychellesis are a group of around 115 islands, located northeast of Madagascar. The five main islands are Mah?, Praslin, La Digue, Fr?gate Cheap MLB Jerseys , and North Island. MMost of the Seychelles has protected sanctuaries devoted to preserving an astonishing amount of flora and fauna. Giant Alabra Tortoises are a fascinating sight and something not to be missed, Birds huge bird colonies can be found on certain islands

Whilst tourism is the main industry, the Seychelles are a relatively unknown holiday hideaway. If you are looking for a snappy nightlife you might be a little disappointing. One of the charms of the Seychelles is that they are not commercial and overdeveloped. The group of islands are the perfect place for a Honeymoon.

Beau Vallon

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Anse Royale

This beach is the longest on Mah? and it provides beaches protected from choppy seas, providing a safe and comfortable swimming haven. This makes for very favorable conditions for swimming and beach fun from May to October.

Intendance Beach

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Anse Cimitiere

Cimitiere is a very hidden beach and is quite h.
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