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CHINESE listed

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CHINESE listed companies expect to see earnings growth slow from 18 percent in the first half of the year to 5 percent in the second six months nike presto bianche scontate , and the Chinese stock market will turn its attention to the macro economy, UBS Securities said.

Both the macro-economic growth and the profit growth of public companies will slow from the high base in the first half of last year nike presto ultra flyknit scontate , including investments in properties and capital construction according to Gao Ting, chief strategy analyst of UBS Securities China.

The semi-annual reports of public companies showed that net profits grew 18 percent.

In the second half of this year nike air presto ultra flyknit scontate , however, the growth will slow year on year , owing to the strong base number of last year and slowing investments. The strengthening of government’s financial regulations and risk management will restrain market liquidity and credit growth to some extent, UBS said.

“In the next several months air presto scontate , China’s market expects to turn its interest to the macro level such as the reform of state-owned enterprises, supply-side reform and environmental protection nike air presto scontate ,” Gao said.


By Oliver Trust

MUNICH, April 13 (Xinhua) -- Eighteen-year-old Niklas Dorschplays for Bayern Munich's Amateur team. From next season on manythings for the midfielder will change as his first contract as afootball professional is about to start. In a recent XinhuaInterview, Dorsch is talking about how it feels to be close to thestars every day.

Xinhua: What does an 18-year-old footballer get up to on aChampions League evening? We assume you were partying?

Dorsch: If you call a thrilling match with about 70,000 others aparty, yes.

Xinhua: So you were watching Bayern Munich in the quarterfinalfirst leg against Benfica. That sounds like a clever way of keepingyou motivated for the next years?

Dorsch: We were seated just behind the bench, coach and players.I can tell you it's something special being so close. I don' t knowif it's a club strategy to keep us motivated, but I can tell youit's motivating. It's great to be that close.

Xinhua: Talking about being close, you've trained a few timeswith the senior squad. At the moment you're a part of the under-23team. How does that feel?

Dorsch: I was taken to the winter training camp in Qatar. And Itrain every now and again with the first team when needed.

Xinhua: Do you remember your first time? We remember your clubboss CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge telling us that he nutmegged one ofthe stars in his first training session. Meaning he played the ballthrough the legs which in football is seen as being more than alittle bit cheeky.

Dorsch: (laughing) I didn't do that, but believe me or not I didsomething I was embarrassed about later . . . .

Xinhua: . . . go on. . .

Dorsch: (laughing) . . . . nothing spectacular, but I kicked ateam mate' s foot so hard that he was out injured for two weeks. Itwas on my mind for a while and I regret that it happened, but ithappened.

Xinhua: Tell us about your daily life. As we suggested in ourfirst question, when thinking about 18-year olds we think offriends, hobbies, parties, school or studying. What is your dailylife like? As a young footballer hoping to turn professional, doyou have to make many sacrifices?

Dorsch: I was 14 when I moved to a football academy. When atschool you go to lessons until four in the afternoon, then youattend training, eat and go to bed. There's not much time foranything else. On the occasional free afternoons you had, youbasically wanted to relax and enjoy the time off.

Xinhua: So you spend a lot of time with your teammates? Whatelse is on the agenda besides football?

Dorsch: We have a special room for that, with a TV and somevideo games. So we watch other games together.

Xinhua: You're now 18-years-old, an age when a lot of decisionshave to be made regarding your future at a club like Bayern Munich.Do you ever think you could possibly fail?

Dorsch: For sure it's something you have to think about but it'snot something you have to worry about. You could be injured.Therefore you should have alternatives in your mind.

Xinhua: So what's plan B?

Dorsch: I was at school and had to make a decision - eitherconcentrate on football for the next two or three years or finishschool. I decided to concentrate on football as I'm still young andhave every option to do something else. So I finished school at 16and concentrated on football. I missed a lot in school due to somany games with the national team, so it was a better option toconcentrate on football as we have training twice a day. BayernMunich gave me a contract that helped me to decide. From nextseason, I have a contract as a professional. In football, decisionscome fairly quickly whether you'll make it or not.

Xinhua: Is there a time frame, let's say between 16 and 19, whensuch a decision can be made?

Dorsch: You can't say exactly but what is important is thatyou're honest with yourself, meaning that you should know if youcan make it realistically or not.

Xinhua: Looking back - the period from 14 to 18 is a long time.What expectations did you have when you joined Bayern?

Dorsch: To be honest I had none. For my family and me it wassomething new. We live in a very small town. My father's firstquestion when we came here was: ""How much do we have to pay for hisaccommodation and daily life?"" Bayern answered with a broad smileand told us, it's for free. I just love football. I played fromwhen I was a three-year-old kid. Everywhere I could.

Xinhua: So no expectations?

Dorsch: Of course every youngster dreams of becoming aprofessional player, but in advance of my first training I hadother thoughts in my mind like, how will I perform - you generallyfeel far away from professional football.

Xinhua: How big was the difference from a small town club to onelike Bayern? You get yo.
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