Are you allergic to your jewellery?

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Are you allergic to your jewellery?

Postby buzai232 » 2019-07-27 14:08

Are you allergic to your jewellery?

Many people cannot wear jewellery as accessories, because it makes their skin erupt into red and itchy hives or causes an eczema-like reaction. What can you do if your grandmother’s necklace makes your skin look like that of an iguana?

Greenish stains on the skin where it came into contact with jewellery, is a very widespread problem. This does, however, not have anything to do with an allergy, as it is merely the oxidation process of jewellery, other than gold, that turns the skin green, says Dr David Herschtal, a Fort Lauderdale dermatologist. Sweating makes the problem worse, as the sodium chloride contained in sweat slightly corrodes the metal.

“Many people suffer from real allergic reactions to especially nickel, found in most cheap jewellery. This can create red, itching hives or something that looks like eczema – itchy, dry, crusty and red with watery blisters. The latter is called allergic contact dermatitis and is usually restricted to the area of contact. A nickel allergy tends to be a chronic life-long condition”, added Herschtal.Cheap Jewellery Shops

Nickel is usually mixed with other metals to produce alloys, and is used to make a wide variety of goods in everyday use, such as coins, bra fasteners, zips, hairpins, costume jewellery, studs, handles, paper clips, and keys. It is difficult to avoid, as it is everywhere. Fortunately, for most people, more than a passing contact is necessary for the skin to react adversely.
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