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After months of scouting and interviews http://www.raidersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-trayvon-mullen-jersey , each NFL team takes their turns drafting the next generation of future players. Obviously each team goes into the draft hoping to find a diamond in the rough, especially in one of the later rounds. These late draft steals are vital for building a championship caliber roster because they provide a multiple year window of low-cost, high quality players. A great example of this was seen in Seattle when the Seahawks found Russell Wilson in the third round. Wilson immediately became the starter and his rookie scaled contract allowed the Seahawks to spend more money on building the roster around him.While it's impossible to determine whether a player is a "steal" in only their rookie season, there are certainly players that shine brighter than others. Many of the players on this list are already game-changing players for their respective teams and will continue to improve over the next several years. Although the NFL is very much a passing league now Maxx Crosby Jersey , many of the steals of this draft appear to be dynamic running backs that can line up in both the backfield and out wide as a receiver. Did your favorite team draft one of the 2017 NFL Draft gems? Getting drafted in the 7th round may be joyous for some players, and disappointing for others. Players that were expected to go sooner are ticked off and ready to make an immediate impact in the NFL, while players who weren't sure if they were going to get drafted are just happy to be there. Either way, these players want to prove all of the teams that passed on them Hakeem Butler Jersey , wrong. There is no greater feeling than proving to everyone that you are better than they thought you were. The motivation that these guys have is 2nd only to undrafted players, but the undrafted players are at a disadvantage because they are less talented and because all 32 teams found 7 players for their roster that they'd rather have.Getting drafted in the first round is great too. You get a higher paycheck, there are higher expectations for your success (which may be a good or bad thing depending on the player), and most first rounders get an immediate starting role and don't have to pass up many players on the depth chart like later round draft picks have to. There are advantages to being drafted early and late Chris Lindstrom Jersey , but that isn't what this article is about.Here are the Top 15 NFL players drafted in the 6th or 7th round.
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