Put a ring on it: The best smart rings

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Put a ring on it: The best smart rings

Postby buzai232 » 2019-08-02 13:32

Put a ring on it: The best smart rings

Don't want a Fitbit or an Apple Watch on your wrist? No problem. You can wear those connected smarts in a more discreet manner with a smart ring.

Smart rings are small and slim and for that reason alone, they can be difficult to get right. And while there have been some casualties in the world of smart jewelry, there's still a host of talented startups that prove you can make great fashionable wearables that live on the finger for both women and men.We've picked out the smart rings we've enjoyed using and the rings on the way that you should definitely keep a look out for.Cheap Jewelry Sites
Here's our favorite. The iPhone (and now Android) compatible smart ring, Motiv, turned heads when it was announced in early 2017 and it's not hard to see why. It's sleek, just 8mm wide and in its latest iteration comes in rose gold, slate grey and silver finishes of titanium. Plus, there are seven sizes to fit both male and female fingers.

Inside, it's a fitness tracker that will monitor steps, distance, and active minutes, as well as heart rate thanks to an optical heart rate sensor. The battery will last five days and it's even waterproof to 50m. New Alexa support means you can check in on your stats, as opposed to barking orders at your finger. Motiv has also introduced new security features that lets you use gestures to log in to accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Google.

In our tests, we found it to be both stylish and easy to wear, thanks to its light, comfortable form factor, and it's rightfully the best option out there.
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